What is Stroller Strides?

The perfect Mommy-and-Me activity!

Looking for a way to get in shape, meet other moms, and have fun with your child? Stroller Strides may be just what you’re looking for—come out and try it for free!

Stroller Strides is a total fitness program for moms that they can do with their baby or stroller-age child. The hour-long workout includes power walking with jogging options, and intervals of strength training & body toning, using exercise tubing, the environment, and the stroller. Resistance training, abdominal work and cardiovascular endurance are emphasized. Taught by nationally certified instructors who are trained in pre- and post-natal fitness, it's a great workout for any fitness level.

Pregnant? Stroller Strides is for you too! Our Instructors are certified in pre- and post-natal fitness and are trained to offer modifications for all stages of pregnancy.

Brand new mom? We invite you to join us after your 6 week post-partum check up, just make sure you get your doctor's approval to exercise.

Whatever your fitness level, Stroller Strides will give you the work out you need. Exercises can be modified according to each individual's needs. You create the intensity and Stroller Strides creates the fun for you and your baby.

Fitness for Mom, Fun for Baby

In addition to providing a great full body workout for moms, we engage the children throughout our classes through songs and activities, keeping baby entertained while mom exercises. We welcome moms and babies from 6 weeks to any age that they’ll stay in a stroller (usually about 4 years old).

More than an exercise program

Stroller Strides is more than a fitness class. An important part of the Stroller Strides program includes playgroups and other social activities for you, your baby, and your family, which is a great way for you and your child to make new friends!

Our program also offers our Plum Moms Playgroup (at no additional cost) that consists of weekly playgroups after class, monthly moms night out activities and special community events. Don't put it off any longer... come join all the Stroller Strides fun!

What if my child is fussy?

Your children are our priority at Stroller Strides, so don't worry if yours is fussy. The classes are structured so that moms can make babies (or children) happy without missing out on the workout. And everyone understands and has been there themselves!!

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