🎉Its August mom of the month time!! 🎉 We are so excited to say that our sweet Lauren is this month's mama! WHY did we choose Lauren you say❓Well besides being a full time mom to precious Kensington, a RN, 👩🏼‍⚕️and working her way through grad school 📚she STILL makes time to attend Stroller Strides. This speedy mama is also training for a half marathon, we are pretty sure she can do just about anything. 💛To read more about this super mom, and learn just HOW she manages her time, click here ---> https://lakenorman.fit4mom.com/mom-of-the-month

🔊 Big announcement ahead 🔊 ... Fit4mom LakeNorman is teaming up with Aly Branch, RD , LDN to offer free nutritional consultations to all new members. Aly is the ultimate professional and studied nutrition and dietetics at the University of Rhode Island and she knows her stuff!👩🏻‍🎓 She also is a full time mom to 2 sweet kids and therefore understands the challenges of all things motherhood!💛💛 “Hey guys!! I’m Aly, a registered dietitian / stay-at-home mamapreneur / stroller strides & coffee fanatic 👋🏻 ☕️ 🤗 I started Stroller Strides after moving to NC from RI, knowing NO ONE, with a 1.5 year old and 4 months pregnant 😱 I thought at the very least I might meet a cool mom or two - little did I know just how much I would fall in love with the exercise routine and the many AMAZING people I would meet 😍 I love exercise, but let’s face it- with 2 under 2 this mama ain’t got time for a solo pee break, let alone a solo workout 🙄🤣 I love that I get to exercise with my kids and teach them the benefits of moving their bodies in a healthy way. Even more than that, I love the community of mothers I’ve met, who have all been SO welcoming beyond belief. I have gained lifelong friends (for myself and my kiddos), a support system, a group of women to laugh, cry, and celebrate with 💓 I see you mama - what’re you waiting for? Come join our village and celebrate #strengthinmotherhood . Follow me @alyb_rd for more nutrition info, recipes, mom life, and to learn about my mentality surrounding dieting”

Yes we are all about fitness, but more than that we are all about supporting each other. Having a community of other supportive moms is so crucial to our well being! 💛This is why we so look forward to our weekly playgroups and time to bond over this crazy thing called motherhood!🍭

👋👋Oh hi there! We are so excited to introduce Courtney, our new seat playgroup captain!!💜➡️” Hi, y’all! I’m Courteney and I’m blessed beyond belief to be a stay-at-home Mama to my sweet & sassy little princess, Blakely! I started Stroller Strides when she was 8 months old as a way for us to get out of the house while still spending time together. Let me tell you, it is so much more than just a great workout! You can feel the strong sense of community from your very first class. I am so thrilled to get to be a part of that experience for you & your kiddos!”

Nick Kosir FOX 46

Right now I'm editing a story I filmed with Fit4Mom Lake Norman - Stroller Strides & Body Back. As you can see by the picture we did NOT have any fun and you shouldn't be excited to see it tomorrow morning on Good Day. 😝👶

We are so EXCITED for this story to air tomorrow! Please make sure you tune into FOX46 tomorrow morning!! Record it, have your neighbors record it, schedule a viewing party, pop popcorn, tell your childhood friends...the whole nine!

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