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Final Results!

It’s been a few weeks since the program ended and I already miss it. It was such a fun 8 weeks of focused improvement and I am missing the accountability and consistency it provided. Body Back really was exactly what I needed in my life to get me back on track and remind me how much better it feels to be eating well and moving my body. Colleen will be providing a work-outs only session this summer that starts on Wednesday night, July 7 th , and then another full 8-week program in the Fall – and you bessa believe I will be at both! I encourage anyone in the area that is curious about it to come check out the free work out tonight at Fleet Feet in Birkdale at 7:30pm. I will be there and would love to see ya!

Okay, no more chit chat, I know everyone is anxious to hear my results. Here is a reminder of where I started and where I was at the mid-way mark:

Week One

Timed mile: 9:14

Sit ups: 11

Bicep curls: 27

Push ups: 1

Squats: 26

Plank: 1:28

Side plank: :46

Week Four

Timed mile: 8:32

Sit ups: 26

Bicep curls: 31

Push ups: 3

Squats: 35

Plank: 2:03

Side plank: :46

Side plank: :46 :46 0%

And here is where I ended up:

Weight lost: 6.7 lbs

Inches lost: 8 (Three of those were from my waist!!)

Run – decreased time by 1 minute, 2 seconds – 8:10

Plank – increased time by 1:33 – 3:01

Side plank – increased time by 9 seconds - :55

Push ups – increased number from 1 to 6

Sit ups – increased number from 11 to 27

Squats – increased number from 26 to 44

Bicep curls – increased number from 27 to 35

All of this came out to an overall percentage change of 881%!!! And guess what else? I WON!!! I wanted to, and I did!! My reward is half off of the next session and I will be taking full advantage of that and I hope to win it again! In this next go ‘round, I will be focusing more on the nutrition and weight loss piece now that I am moving my body more.

I hope you enjoyed following this journey with me and I hope it motivated you make a change. I’m so very, very glad I did. Thank you, Body Back! Thank you, Colleen!!