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Week 2 - Here's how it went down

Week one is done!! I am so excited to officially have the first week completed! Seven more weeks to go! It’s been great so far and today, my thighs are only whining, not screaming like yesterday.

So, here is how week one went down…

Last Saturday was our first class. During this class, we completed about 8 exercises to gauge our fitness level and give us a barometer to measure against so we can see improvement. We had our weight and measurements taken and recorded. We ran a timed mile, and then had to do as many sit ups, bicep curls, push ups and squats as we could complete in one minute. Next, we held a plank followed by a side plank for as long as we could. Here are my results:

Timed mile: 9:14

Sit ups: 11

Bicep curls: 27

Push ups: 1

Squats: 26

Plank: 1:28

Side plank: :46 (right side)

On the plank, we got to choose which side we felt was our strongest. Whichever muscle it takes to hold a side plank is virtually non-existent in my body and will be a goal for me to improve upon. I have some work to do on the push-ups too as you can see.

Once the assessments were over, we sat down and went over our journals, tips and recipes. There is so much great information in these little booklets and most importantly, there is a food journal to make sure I am tracking everything I eat or drink. Studies show this is really key to getting control of what you are eating and starting to be more mindful about it. As I told you last week, this is the most difficult for me. I am out and about quite a bit and it’s hard to be around temptation all the time and always say no. As a real estate agent, I entertain and network as much as I can, and so I am constantly faced with indulgent restaurant meals and alcohol.

We also had homework to set our goals for the program. My overall goal is 15 pounds lost and to feel more fit and able to keep up with my boys. I, honestly, just want to have more energy. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time. (I can tell you that I am already feeling improvement in this. Several times this week, I played outside or went for a walk instead of sitting down on the couch.) The homework also forced us to think about what could keep us from our goals and to formulate a game plan to overcome those obstacles.

Tuesday night was our first official work out. I’m not going to lie, these work outs are tough! They really push you beyond your comfort zone. Tuesday’s work out was a circuit, where we all took turns doing the various exercises for one minute. There were 8 total stations, all with full body moves. We did the circuit 3 times through and in between we went outside and did jump squats and sprints. I was a glorious, sweaty mess by the end and felt elated. After abs and stretching, we laid down on our mats and meditated for a bit. Colleen walks around and mists lavender on you. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this is. I slept like a baby that night.

The week brought many temptations, and I gave in a little more than I would have liked, but I worked very hard to off-set those slips the following day. I did excellent with food choices, sticking only to vegetables and protein and some fruit. I had wine 3 out of the 7 nights. This week I am not going to drink at all!

Saturday morning was weigh in day and I am pleased to announce that I lost 2.4 pounds!! If I can continue with that pace, I will reach my goal of 15 pounds lost! We had another tough, but invigorating work out and ended again with that delicious quiet time and lavender spray – I seriously would like to end every day this way. Our homework for this week is a one minute plank every day. So far, I am one for one. My personal goal is to complete the 2 BODY BACK work outs, walk 2 additional times and also do 2 interval work outs to help improve my cardio endurance.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my long-winded recap of week one. I look forward to sharing more good news with you next week!

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