Week 3 -Bring on the motivation!

Hey, everybody! It’s me again with a recap of the last week. Something happened to me this week that I have to share with you. I had 3 different people approach me about reading this blog and being motivated by my words and experience. I cannot begin to tell you how much that means! I genuinely hope that I can continue to inspire because it provides me with so much motivation. And I need all of that I can get!

Last week’s goal was to make it both Body Back work outs, walk and work on my cardio health with internal training, eat right and do a 1 minute plank each day. I completed both Body Back work outs, did 1 interval training and walked a couple of times. I did complete my daily one minute planks by going ahead and knocking it out in the morning. I ate right for the most part. A few days I went to the cereal for a quick meal and I did have a celebratory glass (or two) of champagne at a closing. I can tell that cereal is an immediate fat burning blocker. I am going to avoid that this week by having prepped meals and healthy quick go-tos for those moments of hunger. I bought some salad mix, cooked some chicken to keep in the fridge and made a few healthy dips (guac and salsa). I also have carrot sticks and sweet peppers for munching. I don’t eat gluten so, I have Trader Joe’s plantain chips for the dips.

Saturday was weigh-in day and I had a mere .10 of a pound loss. But, a loss is a loss and I will take it. I’m very hopeful that I will make up for with a 3 pound loss this week. I was a bit bummed about that small loss at the beginning of the class. During warm-ups, Colleen always asks a question and has go around and answer it and share. During this time, I voiced my lack of loss and everyone chimed in and made me feel so much better about it. It turns out this is pretty common in the second week of a new program and I was not alone! Consider it a wake-up call for me to realize that I need to stay focused all the time. This is only an 8-week program and I need to make every day count. Especially so I can be a continued motivator for all of you!

This week consists of 2 more Body Back work outs with Colleen. I am also hoping to fit in a few workouts on my own. She has challenged us to eat something green (think veggies, leafy greens, fruits) at every meal. For further accountability, we are sharing our meals with our something green in our Facebook group. It’s been encouraging to see what the other girls are eating and instigates me to make healthy meals with their meal ideas.

I am just loving this program. I look forward to sharing the good news of a 3 pound loss in next week’s blog! Wish me luck!