Week 4 - More energy and getting stronger!

Week Three Recap and the start of Week Four

Roadblocks. Even the best intentioned people hit them. It’s hard to fit it all in. The demands of work, our children’s busy schedules, changes in your spouse’s schedule, illness, etc. ::insert whatever reason here::

Last week started out great. We did a tabata-style work out and I LOVED it!! As I told the gals in class, this work out felt intense but at the same time, kind to my body. It was several stations that we rotated around. All of which were strength moves where we knocked out as many reps as we could in 1 minute intervals. The moves consisted of kettle bell squats, push ups, weighted lunges, speed skaters and so on.

Colleen worked in some outdoor cardio too where we paired up with another member in the class alternating high knees, bumper kickers and sprints. We ended the work out with abs and you guessed it…LAVENDAR SPRAY!! Yay! It was my favorite work out so far. Some of the girls in class said they liked the higher intensity stuff because they equate a good work out with a lot of sweat. How do you feel about this?

Saturdays workout was actually on Thursday for me this week. I had a wedding to attend and Colleen was kind enough to agree to meet with me separately so, I could still get my 2 Colleen-infused work-outs for the week. Our friend, neighbor and co-Body Back participant, Amber, joined us too. We travelled around the neighborhood doing a good bit of running and throwing in stations with body weight exercises such as lunges on benches, burpees, squat jumps, push ups and more. Colleen then instructed me to get in one of the work outs on the Body Back DVD on Friday and to go ahead and weigh for the week since Saturday morning would be the day after the wedding. I lost another half a pound. Certainly not the 3 pounds I had wanted to lose, but a loss is still a loss and I will take it.

I can feel myself getting a bit stronger. Climbing the stairs in my home multiple times a day does not bring about me gasping for air (a bit of an exaggeration) and carrying my 5 year old is getting easier. A funny thing happens when you start moving your body – you want to keep moving it. As you remember, this was one of my main goals from this program. I just wanted to stop wanting to sit or lay so much. I can tell you, as we wrap up week 3, this is definitely the case! While I am still not back to the energy level I was 2 years ago, I am closer than I was 4 weeks ago. This is very motivating and is keeping me committed and in this thing.

I can’t sign off from this week’s update without discussing nutrition. As we’ve all heard, losing weight is 80% food and 20% work out. If I really want this program to work – and I do – I have got to get the nutrition piece down. I have a bad habit of extreme restriction and then extreme abundance. This program has a wonderful meal plan available to me with nutrition tips and recipes. I wish I could tell you that I have been on point with this, but I haven’t. Life is crazy. I don’t want to list out all the reasons why I don’t have time to properly prepare for good eating because it just sounds like a bunch of excuses (see first paragraph). I know how important it is and yet I still let it fall behind all other items on my to-do list. When I don’t properly prepare, I grab whatever is easiest regardless of how much I should not be eating it. I won’t say I’ve completely fallen off the wagon or anything, but last week was not my best. I hope to turn it around this week. Wish me luck!

So, which is harder for you? Finding the time to work out or finding the time to prepare for healthy eating.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to updating you next week! The halfway mark!