Week 5 and 6 - Half way assessments!

Here were are in the throws of week 5! I owed you all a BLOG last week about week 4 rap-up and assessment results and I am just now sitting down to do it. I had a few people ask me where it was and I was tickled to know that enough people are reading this enough to have noticed its absence.

Week 4 was a tough one in this house! We had a stomach bug rip through each one of us and looking back on those 5 days is like a dreamy blur. Less like a nice dream and more like a nightmare. I seriously felt like I had PTSD after that week was over. I do not wish the tummy bug on anyone. It is not fun. At. All. Luckily though, I only missed one work out on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to feeling better in time to make it up. Colleen is planning to offer a few Sunday make up classes, so I will try to make it for one of those. She’s so great!

On to the good stuff! Saturday’s work-out was Half-way Assessment Day. I am very proud to say that I saw awesome improvement. Here are my numbers compared to week one:

Week One

Timed mile: 9:14

Sit ups: 11

Bicep curls: 27

Push ups: 1

Squats: 26

Plank: 1:28

Side plank: :46

Week Four

Timed mile: 8:32

Sit ups: 26

Bicep curls: 31

Push ups: 3

Squats: 35

Plank: 2:03

Side plank: :46

Now, I’m not entirely sure how typical these results are, or if they are underwhelming or overwhelming, but I am very, very excited about them! Five weeks ago, I dreaded exercise. And the dread was accompanied by anxiety. I felt slow and sluggish and had difficulty with each move. I can honestly tell you that those feelings are gone. I have not had a single workout day arrive and felt any dread or any anxiety over the exercising. If nothing else happens, if I don’t lose another pound or a single inch, this will have made it all worthwhile for me! I was in a bad way, y’all, and this program and this group of women and this leader were exactly what I needed! I am down 6 pounds total and am hoping to really bring it home in these next few weeks!

Last Saturday’s work out consisted of 6 different stations that used full body exercises such as wall sits with lat rows; lunges with overhead press; one legged tricep extensions – and 3 more I’ve blocked out,

LOL. I am still sore from that day and it is Tuesday now. We threw in some fun cardio to really get our heart rates going and to bring on the major sweating. Like all the others, it was an awesome work-out and ended with abs, stretching and…. You guessed it! Lavendar Spray!

I have been trying really hard to be mindful of my eating. While I am not following the meal plan as closely as I should be, I am trying to track everything and use good sense when choosing what to eat. I am concentrating my plates on vegetables and protein. I don’t really feel hungry for breakfast, so I have been doing a protein shake in the mornings. This helps keep me full until lunch time and then I’m not so ravenous that I make bad choices. I’m still working on eliminating the snacking in the late afternoons and limiting the alcohol. Baby steps.

Tonight’s work out is starting at the top of a parking deck and has something to do with the number 100. EEK! I look forward to telling you about it in next week’s blog. Which I promise will be on time!

Until next time....