Week 7 - Finishing Strong!

I cannot believe this 8-weeks is almost over. I also cannot believe how I am feeling about it. In the beginning, I found myself counting down and looking forward to the end, but now, it’s all changed. I have gone from dreading the work-outs to hating to miss them. Last Saturday I had to miss class. I had a very stressful week at work and it affected my sleep. I was up most of Friday evening and finally started to fall asleep about 6am when it was time for me to be waking to get ready to head to the work out. So, I decided to listen to my body, not feel any guilt, and sleep. As much as I hated to miss class (this was the 3 rd time I missed this session - one was planned and made up, the second was due to the stomach bug), it was the right decision for me. Colleen called me later that day to make sure I was doing alright and gave me a very sweet pep talk. She’s the best, y’all!

The following Tuesday evening we had an “intense” exercise session. “Intense” was the word that Colleen used when she posted on our group page earlier that day. We had several stations to move through, each one lasting one minute. The moves were not high impact or anything, but they were well, intense. Each one utilized a cloth to reduce friction while sliding extremities across the floor. For instance, one move had our hands on the floor in a pike (or downward dog) position. We were to slide our legs out to a plank-like position and then use our core to pull them back up to pike. Another station had us doing mountain climbers with the cloths under our feet. Another had the cloths under our hands while completing a push up and sliding our arms out and back in. There were burpee like moves, speed skaters, lunges, etc. Colleen also threw in some outdoor cardio between the rounds of stations. We finished up dripping sweat and completely spent. Meditation ensued and lavender spray was enjoyed by all. Probably by me the most.

Our goal for the week was to plan and write out a meal plan for the week. This is a habit that I had lost and was very happy to get it back. I mapped out every breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for this week. It’s kind of freeing for all of that to be planned out. The recipes are decided and convenient, the groceries are in the fridge and everyone knows what to expect. No himming-and-hawing over what to do for meals because it’s already done. As restrictive as pre-planning your meals can be, it is exponentially more liberating. Just having it done takes that one piece of stress that dinner time always brings for our family. It’s such a hectic time of the day for us.

The final week and the final assessments are upon us. I look forward to providing you with a final wrap up and results blog in the next week. I’m holding strong at 6 pounds lost but, my clothes are fitting better and my body is responding to the exercise. I’m hoping to finish this week strong and come out with a huge improvement on the assessments and inches lost.