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This group is truly amazing »

Amy S.

I joined Stroller Strides Lake Norman several weeks after having my first baby. My goal was to get back into shape and learn to balance fitness with the demands of being a new mom. Stroller Strides is the perfect workout for a new mom, allowing you to bring your baby with you, and still get in a good workout. The instructors are great and the workouts are challenging. I’ve met my goal of getting back into shape, but more than that - I discovered a great group of women that I’ve been able to connect with. The social aspect of Stroller Strides was not something I expected - I’ve made new friends that understand what it’s like to be a new mom and share the same values of health and fitness. This group is truly amazing and I’m so happy to be part of it!


Can't say enough good things »

Anna A.

I love Stroller Strides for so many reasons! Since I can bring my 2 boys with me, I have no excuse as to why I can't get a workout in and I love that my boys are seeing that their Mommy values being active. Additionally, I have met so many other wonderful and caring Moms who give advice, support, and love.....and when you are a Mom, you can't get enough of that because our job is the hardest! :)

My boys have also met so many other kids and love going so that they get to see all the other SS kiddos! The play dates and Moms Night Out are great additions to the program as well! Can't say enough good things about Stroller Strides and what it has done for me!

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A true lifesaver »

Debbie B.

Stroller Strides has been a true lifesaver for me and Robert; physically, socially, and emotionally! I absolutely love coming to class to work out, talking with the other moms and getting lots of good advice, and letting Robert play with the other kids!! I truly love and appreciate all of the amazing moms I have met and all the friends Robert has made through Stroller Strides!!! The play dates and Mom's Night Out are a lot of fun and give us an opportunity to do some things that I would never do on my own.

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My life drastically improved »

Allyson G.

Stroller Strides has been such a big part of me finding my niche as a mom in the community and really building a life since we have moved down here. The first six months after my son was born were really tough, being down here alone without any family, friends, job or sense of purpose besides nursing 24-7! Once I started working out with Stroller Strides my life drastically improved and I love that I am now able to give that opportunity back to other new moms! Plus, I love continuing to challenge myself with new exercise goals. When I started Stroller Strides I could not run a mile and now I hope to do a half marathon in December!


An amazing experience »

Shanel H.

Stroller Strides is exactly what I needed as a new mom. I went in hoping to get a good workout but I got so much more. I have my body back, I have met so many great supportive moms, my son enjoys playing with the other kids and most importantly I am setting a good example for my son. It truly has been an amazing experience!


Motivating, fun and a great workout »

Jennifer V.

I started stroller strides to maintain my weight during my pregnancy and meet new friends. It has been an amazing experience for me. Colleen is motivating, fun and will give you a great workout. I am still attending classes 2 years later and could not be happier. Not only did I lose my baby weight but I gained some great friends in the process!


My strength has greatly improved »

Hannah S.

I love being able to exercise while Caleb gets to go along for the ride, He loves riding in the stroller! I'm currently recovering from a severe foot injury and in just two months my foot strength has greatly improved. My overall strength has also improved greatly! I love that my hubby notices that I'm getting tone and more self confident.

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