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Sweet Baby Shade

Select from two great products - both customized with the FIT4MOM logo!

Sweet Baby Shade's INFANT Sunshade is a light-weight sunshade that easily attaches to a stroller or car seats to protect your baby’s skin and eyes from the damaging rays of the sun and unwanted human contact.

Sweet Baby Shade's Toddler Deluxe Sunshade is a premium pull-down sunshade that easily attaches to a stroller and protects a toddler's skin and eyes from...



MOMBOX is on a mission to take better care of new moms. They pick, pack, and ship a box full of postpartum care items (the really good stuff) directly to Mom at home, so she doesn't have to run to the store after giving birth. There six fabulous boxes are currated with everything a new mom needs to rest, restore, and recover after giving birth.

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WombBox is a premium postpartum care kit for expecting moms. With 1-3 month subscriptions, one-time gift boxes, and both natural and cesarean birth boxes—there’s a box for every soon-to-be mom.

All of their boxes include a FIT4MOM recipe card inside with a free week of Stroller Strides or FIT4BABY classes on the back.

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